Luxurious Decor

Would handle the whole development process but would not act as general contractor. We would be involved in the development of the program, in the interviewing and awarding of the project to design professionals. We would monitor and control the schedule of the total project, monitor and maintain the project budget, interview and pre-approve general contractors, manage bidding and contract award, and manage the construction process and close-out.

Services included under Construction Management and Project Management include:

  • Review of structural, mechanical, electrical, architectural, and …. blueprints errors (if any) and the engaging of Contact Consultants to eliminate them
  • Constant updating of city requirements
  • Preparing estimations or forecasting of construction costs according to the owner’s feature sheet, and pricing of the approximate construction hard cost per sqf
  • Preparing the feature sheet
  • Preparing the bid and choosing subcontractors
  • Dividing up of work amongst subcontractors
  • Preparing job progress schedule
  • Controlling the budget
  • Arranging for inspections with City Inspector
  • Finding the most cost-efficient Materials
  • Ensuring the implementation of safety programs to create a safe work environment throughout the job site as well as adherence to safety and record-keeping requirements.
  • Assuring that construction complies with design requirements
  • Scheduling and budgeting each component during the project
  • Choosing the site superintendent


From a very young age, I was exposed to residential interiors through my mother’s work as a housewife who provided window treatments, bedding, and pillows in our house. I was always intrigued by the shapes, colours and fabric that she put in different rooms. My interest in patterns, colours, light, and art grew into a long lasting passion for good design, which is a thing of beauty and a joy forever to me. For all these years that I have worked as a professional Interior Designer, I always remember what my mother once said, “You can transform any living room into a space as elegant as a castle if you put the right mix into it.” It’s my mother who led me to a fantastic world of interior design which is full of excitement, elegance, and comfort for me. I always feel blessed that I have inherited my mother’s innate talent and a love for beauty. Through my own work, I realized that my mother not only gave rise to my passion for design but also taught me the most important theory in design – it is about people and how they live. I am so proud to be her daughter.

I am so proud to be her daughter.