Luxurious Decor

was founded in 2008 to provide our clients with residential and commercial interior design of the highest quality. We place great importance on the very personalized and customized service our clients deserve. We strive to offer the best ideas and solutions for you!

Interior design is constantly evolving. Luxurious Décor specialize in transforming plain living and working spaces into beautiful and functional rooms. From modern to traditional, our interiors are comfortably welcoming, luxurious and elegant. From space planning to renovations to furnishings, we reflect the individual tastes of our clients. From design concept to project management and completion, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services.

Our commitment to doing great work helps create lasting success for all our clients. We understand that interior design in today’s environments of constant change makes a huge difference in people’s wellbeing, that’s why we design balanced, beautiful responses that are never the same, but always refreshing and responsive.

Sholeh Sabti

Principal and Founder

With over 10 years of experience developing and implementing interior design for residential homes, condo complexes and commercial spaces in GTA and Internationally, Sholeh has an exceptional ability to develop forms and spaces, optimally integrated with base building and their surroundings. She thrives at all phases of project development, from initial concept to completion, by offering diverse perspectives and solutions.

As a professional designer that always puts the client first, Sholeh is a good listener with highly developed skills at turning the client’s needs and plans into creative and elegant finished products. She has a communication style that’s very personable and friendly.

As a designer with a big heart, she has worked with many customers from all cultures and economic levels. Sholeh is instrumental in setting strategic design and developing interiors that bring forth comfort and functions.

Sholeh has been pivotal to the success of dozens of residential and commercial projects. As the founding principal of our team, she has an exceptional sense of spatial arrangement and the ability to reflect the needs of the client through interior concepts and illustrations. Sholeh graduated with Honours from Seneca College in the Interior Designer program. She is also a Certified Home Stager.

Our Service Commitment

Luxurious Décor is a proud provider of full interior design services for new builds, renovation projects and custom designs. No matter your project is large or small, y our peace of mind is our priority! Our goal is to give you the ultimate comfort and enjoyment through our services.

We have a 5-step process to ensure your total satisfaction:
1. Needs Assessment / Consultation – Visualizing the dream space you desire.
2. Design – Putting the design ideas into a blueprint
3. Budget – Creating a dream space that is within the financial comfort zone
4. Plan – Setting up a timetable and identify key project deliveries
5. Implementation – Bringing all professionals together in creating the reality of your dream space and fulfilling the commitment of our service.

Luxurious Décorbelieve good design is a thing of beauty – it’s about people and how they live !


From a very young age, I was exposed to residential interiors through my mother’s work as a housewife who provided window treatments, bedding, and pillows in our house. I was always intrigued by the shapes, colours and fabric that she put in different rooms. My interest in patterns, colours, light, and art grew into a long lasting passion for good design, which is a thing of beauty and a joy forever to me. For all these years that I have worked as a professional Interior Designer, I always remember what my mother once said, “You can transform any living room into a space as elegant as a castle if you put the right mix into it.” It’s my mother who led me to a fantastic world of interior design which is full of excitement, elegance, and comfort for me. I always feel blessed that I have inherited my mother’s innate talent and a love for beauty. Through my own work, I realized that my mother not only gave rise to my passion for design but also taught me the most important theory in design – it is about people and how they live. I am so proud to be her daughter.

I am so proud to be her daughter.